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Education programs complement and reinforce what youth learn during the school day, while creating experiences that invite them to fall in love with learning. Rooted in social-emotional development practices, programs in this area enable all youth to be effective, engaged learners who are on track to graduate with a plan for the future. As an informal learning space, Clubs have an opportunity to offer both remediation and enrichment, all while inviting youth to discover and pursue their passions through experiential learning. At all developmental stages, education programs prompt youth to plan and prepare for the future. This includes observing and practicing the social-emotional “soft skills” that ladder up to employability, exploring career options, and engaging in programmatic experiences that prepare youth to learn and work beyond high school. Programs and experiences supporting employability encourage youth to explore career options and the postsecondary pathways to their chosen career, develop skills necessary for success in postsecondary education and the workforce, and apply their skills through real-world experiences.


Skills Developed: identifying and solving problems, planning and carrying out investigations, analyzing and interpreting information, communication, collaboration, perseverance as a learner, goal setting, career awareness, post-secondary awareness, and self-efficacy.

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