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2024 Summer Programming: Around the World! 

Boys & Girls Clubs of Weld County's summer around the world! In honor of the 2024 Summer Olympics, our summer members are learning about different countries in Education, Art and Service & Leadership with a focus on one country per-week in these 3 program areas. The countries they're exploring are USA, Brazil, Greece, Japan, Switzerland, France, Australia, Canada and Italy. Summer days can seem long, but with strategized programming we keep our members engaged while learning something new!


All programs have a set schedule to what type of activity/project they are participating in for a specific day of the week.

Service & Leadership:

Monday: A craft based on known animals, landmarks, etc.

Tuesday: leadership games and discussion

Wednesday: cooking a recipe from that country

Thursday: trivia based on that country!


Monday: well known mediums from that country

Tuesday: artwork inspired by a famous artist

Wednesday: art history lesson and project

Thursday: summer theme art project or kids’ choice/maker’s space.


Monday: a project based on an invention

Tuesday: Culture lessons

Wednesday:  A cultural festival

Thursday: Education around a well-known scientist

Planning program around the same theme helps our members remember what country they are learning about through repetition.

Written by: Rosa Ortiz, Sr. Program Director

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