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Tim & Sally Warde Donor Spotlight

Updated: Oct 6, 2022

As longtime dedicated supporters of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Weld County, Tim and Sally Warde made sure to include the organization when allocating the required minimum distributions (RMDs) from their IRAs, allowing them to make tax-free donations to a number of charitable organizations in the area.

Although they’re happy that they’re in a position to be able to support the Clubs financially, that’s not where they feel their true impact is. They’re both also longtime board members, dedicating their time and energy each month to fundraising, outreach, and other important duties.

Sally believes that when you work directly with the organization—and especially with the kids—you’re able to get even more out of it than you do by contributing money. “We’ve been on the board as a couple for about fifteen years,” she says, “though in the beginning, we couldn’t be as active, because we were also running our business. But now, in the last six to eight years, we’ve been able to be more active, more committed.”

Being on the board is a good activity for couples, she explains, although she adds that she and Tim each have their own strengths when it comes to their duties. Tim really enjoys the fundraising side of things, and he especially enjoys telling inspiring stories about Club members that inspire others to give. Sally is part of the executive committee, which is even more of a commitment, and she also enjoys helping to plan the Club’s annual events.

Recently, Sally has been heavily involved (as co-chair) with a fairly new Club initiative called Growing Futures. “We had a very successful launch party for this at the end of October,” she says, explaining that it’s a female-empowerment program led by women leaders from around Weld County, and it’s focused on giving the Club’s girls “the vision and motivation to achieve great futures.”

One of Sally’s other passion projects is to help the public realize that the Boys & Girls Clubs are so much more than sports. “A lot of people think that’s all the Club is about,” she says. “But there’s so much more—health, wellness, homework, being a good citizen, leadership skills. And with older kids, it’s about having a place of their own.”

When it comes down to it, says Tim, helping the youth in Weld County is what’s most important. “The goal is to prepare our youth,” he says, “giving them the tools and the opportunities they need to fit into the world.”

If they’re able to affect even one life, Sally says, they’ve done a good job. She points to their bulletin board at home, which is adorned with all the thank-you notes they’ve received over the years from Club members expressing their heartfelt thanks to the couple for all they do.

“I’m really glad we’re part of this, and we’re happy to be able to make an impact,” she says. “It’s gratifying to know that one little thing you did may have influenced someone down the line.”

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